BM-750, BM-760

Interferential Current Therapy(ICT)
Model : BM-750, BM-760

This device is for “Interferential Current Therapy’ that helps to relieve and reduce pain, such as muscular pain, using various medium frequencies coming from electrodes attached on skin surface.
This device is composed of generator, output controller, timer, indicator, power supply, safety device and stimulus electrodes. This device may use for two persons at the same time with two isolated outputs located in left and right sides.

▶ Specifications
Power Supply : AC 220V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption : 200VA
Output Wave : Sine Wave
Max Output Current : 80mA
Max Output Voltage : 130Vp-p
Stimulus Frequency : 0~1100Hz
Basic Wave Frequency : 3Khz-165us, 4Khz-125us, 5Khz-100us
Timer : 1~99min
Dimension : 338 x 458 x 950(H)mm
Weight : 26kg
* BM-750 (left/right 2-pole/3-pole), BM-760 (left/right 3-pole/3-pole)

▶ Purpose of Use
Relieving and reducing pain