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    Cold Air Cooling System




    588 x 320 x 884(H)mm, 55kg

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The best solution for skin cooling system. 

Cryo-Jet is an ideal cooling therapy system to cool the epidermis before, during,

and after the laser procedures without interfering laser beam emission and for

temporary topical anesthetic relief for injections.

Cryo-Jet delivers high-performance cryogenically chilled air to super-cool the skin 

and make a dramatic difference to the comfort level of treatments.

Cryo-Jet is affordable and inexpensive to run.

It enables you to provide best practice care to all patients, regardless of the procedure.

With its small footprint, Cryo-Jet occupies a minimum of space, and it's easy to move around.

 - Use in conjunction with  

Laser hair removal
IPL systems
Vascular lasers
Fractional resurfacing lasers
Q-Switched lasers
Thermal procedures for skin tightening and rejuvenation
Tattoo removal  

 - Feature 

Powerful cooling air temperature (down to -30˚C)
10 cooling fan speeds for various air flow selection
Treatment preparation time (about 10 min)
Continuous compressing for an immediate use (standby mode)
Auto self-detection controlling system
Self-defrosting function for the best cooling performance 

​* (Optional) Hose supporting pole