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    (Hydro Massage Bed) AquaRex




    (Body) 2249 x 916 x 522(H)mm, 100kg

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AquaRex represents pure relaxation for body and soul. The massage nozzles jet water

against the underside of the silicon mats in even movements using adjustable pressure.

The pressure strength, the massage areas and massage times can be controlled individually for application.

The healthful effects of AquaRex come from the unique combination of water, warming and powerful.

The warmth of the water radiates deeply into the body's tissue layers - stimulating the circulation and metabolism,

relaxing the muscles and releasing tension.

The entire body profits from the carefully controlled power of the water while floating almost weightlessly on the dry silicon mat.

※ Feature

▶ Various hydro-treatment has been studied for sports, rehabilitation, and physiotherapy.

▶ The hydro-treatment is for the patients suffering from arthritis, lumbago.

▶ Relaxing the stiff muscle and increasing the muscular strength using buoyancy, thermal water, hydraulic pressure without any shock against the muscle.

▶ Enlarging joint work without danger from injury.

▶ Suitable treatment system for overweight people with a lot of calorie consumption.

※ (Optional) External auto water chiller